The 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Chinese Tires – Wholesale Tire Exports from China

DTL LogoAt first glance you wouldn’t expect a company like DTL Chinese Tires to sponsor a fluid mechanics conference. “How does Wholesale Tire Exporting relate to fluid mechanics?” You might ask – and you’d be right. The two industries couldn’t be much further apart. But fortunately for the team here on the AFMC website design team and all of this year’s conference participants, some of our staff have known the CEO of the wheel export company since their days back at ANU in Canberra. While wheels are his passion these days, he’ll always have a soft spot for fluid mechanics. He told us that he’s happy to see that at least some of us persisted in the field and have made something of our university degrees.

Enough about our history though, this page is meant to be a sponsorship plug, one of our most generous sponsors for this years conference. So what exactly do DTL do? They wholesale export famous Chinese rim and tire brands from the busy port of Hong Kong across the globe. While we haven’t had the need to purchase a full container load from DTL yet, we can confirm that because of their close working relationship with many car, bus, and truck tire manufacturing companies, they can secure shipments of wheels at unbelievable prices! The whole crew here were a bit miffed at how the Chinese can even afford to manufacture at such low costs, and with no compromise on quality either.

When many people think about products from China they think cheap, both on price and quality, however this isn’t the case anymore. Many Chinese brands are well-known throughout the world for their quality and affordability. Durun tires, one of the better known brands they stock are even an official supplier to the WRC. Some of their other brands in stock include Traingle, Landsail, Haida, Fullrun and Marcher Tires.

While you may not need a bulk shipment of truck or car wheels anytime soon, keep our favourite tire wholesaler in mind if the need ever arises. At the amazingly affordable prices these container loads come at, it might be worth your time letting any friends or family who do work in an industry that goes through a lot of tires about this helpful and dynamic team. If by chance you do have a need for a large volume of wheels, please get in touch via the contact form on their website (which you can reach through the link at the top of the page) or give them a call on +86 1500 2041 886. Don’t forget to tell them we sent you!