The 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Fluid Mechanics?

Fluid mechanics might sound like a complicated subject, but really it is pretty easy to understand once you know how to decipher it. Fluid mechanics is basically a type of physics that measures fluids such as liquids and gases and how they react to the forces placed upon them. To make it even simpler to understand, fluid mechanics can be divided into several categories: fluid statics, fluid dynamics and fluid kinematics.

Fluid statics looks at how fluids work while they remain still, fluid dynamics examines how fluids work while they are moving and the forces that are applied to them as they move, and fluid kinematics investigates how fluids work while they move. While some people might not be familiar with the term fluid mechanics, they will most likely know the term hydraulics; this is another word for fluid mechanics.

Now the basics of what fluid mechanics are have been explained, let’s take a look at how fluid mechanics of hydraulics can be applied. Without even realizing it you properly use a number of things every day that you might well take for granted, and they would not exist or function properly if it wasn’t for fluid mechanics. Fluid mechanics has a vast range of applications and they will have been used to help ensure the smooth working of many things that you might think of has everyday items. If a pump, a turbine or hydropower is in use, then fluid mechanics will have been used to help the smooth working of it.

Fluid mechanics also comes into use for large projects such as dam design or pipe flow. Fluid mechanics are used in so many functions that we might all take for granted. Just look around you; if it involves some sort of fluid or the movement of fluid, then fluid mechanics or hydraulics has been used to help design it. Fluid mechanics or hydraulics is also used in medical equipment. Without them, we wouldn’t have hydraulic stretchers or lifts for patients to use.

As you can see, fluid mechanics plays an essential part of everyone’s life. Which is why is it so important to us here at The Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society.