The 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Stainless Steel Sinks, Commercial Taps, Wedge Wire and more!

This incredible and close-knit team are no strangers to the field of fluid mechanics. Specialists in the fabrications of custom stainless steel products for plumbing, catering and drainage uses, they are one of Australia’s most renowned sink and drainage product suppliers. Their extensive range of stainless steel sinks, drain grates, wedge wire, commercial tapware, shower grates, and other sanitary and drainage products are highly sought after not-to-mention essential to the smooth running of so many businesses. The best thing about working with these guys is that if you need a custom sink or stainless product, they can make it up for you in your exact specifications! Not only does this save you time trying to find the right sized unit for your workspace, but you’ll also save money because of their highly competitive pricing.

Many of the engineers here at the Fluid Mechanic Conference team require the fabrication of custom stainless pipework on a regular basis, so it’s always good to have friends in the business who really know their stuff. The 3monkeez staff are super-knowledgeable on all things relating to drainage, and often we even find ourselves going to them for information and advice on certain topics. Having a close network of knowledgeable individuals is integral to working efficiently and effectively, and so keeping in close contact with these stainless steel experts has been so beneficial to all of us.

We’d just like to thank the whole team at 3monkees for all of their help and advice over the years; and for all the amazing products they have provided us. It’s not often we find people to work with on a consistent basis who provide such a sound, reliable and high-quality product along with such a friendly, customer-oriented level of service, and we are all grateful for their input. We just wanted to spread some of the good works about our stainless steel sink fabricating go-to-guys, so that if any of you require help with your commercial kitchens, plumbing or drainage issues you know who to talk to.

It isn’t always easy to find a reliable source for these sorts of things, and if you’re in an industry like we are where they are pertinent to your daily life, then you need to know who to talk to. So next time you’re out looking for a stainless steel kitchen sink for you home, or a fabricated commercial sink for your workplace, remember what we said about Australia’s consummate stainless steel professionals, and talk with a team who really care.